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Are you an adult who wants the strength, flexibility and energy to play with your kids or carry your groceries with greater ease and less pain? Or are you someone who's not necessarily interested in weight loss, but want to improve your overall physical fitness and strength? Are you a young male or female athlete wanting to accel at your favorite sport, as well as improve your self-esteem?

Then this is the program for you!  While not everyone wants to lose weight, greater strength and flexibility is one of the main goals of the Top10 Wellness Program.  On your first appointment, you will meet with a Certified Top10 Wellness Coach who will listen to your fitness goals and perform an initial assessment. You will also learn the complete program and see how simple and effective it really is.  After that, you will meet with your Top10 Wellness Coach for 3 weekly half-hour sessions of personal training and coaching.  Recommended program length is 12 weeks, however this can be customized to meet your particular goals.

Get ready to look and feel better with a more positive outlook!  Strong body, strong mind.

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